Nock Out Lighted Bow Nocks Instructions


Select the correct “orange” nock adapter sleeve to use with your arrows:

a. None – “G” Series (0.165” ID)                        c. Medium – “H” Series (0.233” ID) 

b. Small – “X” Series (0.204” ID)                        d. Large – “S/GT” Series (0.244” ID)*

Press the nock adapter sleeve into the arrow shaft.

This is your opportunity to properly index your nock with your vanes - once installed the nock never moves. Find the index tab on the silver collar (which should be aligned with the index tab on the nock). With the index tabs positioned to the right, press the lighted nock into the nock adapter.

*Note: Easton “G”, Victory VAP shafts are slightly larger in ID. Hot Melt will improve the fit. Also, gluing the nock into the bushing for GT will improve the fit.


NOCK OUT® lighted nocks are shipped in Practice Mode (Off). You’ll notice that the silver collar tab and the nock tab are aligned. This position indicates Practice Mode. If you shoot the nock in this position, the LED will not activate.

  1. To activate the lighted nock, rotate the silver Activation Collar 45° to the left. Ready to Fire Mode.
  2. When you shoot in Ready to Fire Mode, the forward bowstring pressure will activate the nock.
  3. To deactivate the lighted nock, turn off the LED then rotate the “silver” Activation Collar 45° to the right until the index tabs on the Activation Collar and Nock are aligned. Practice Mode
  5. It is not necessary to switch the activation collar back and forth during use. Once you decide on the mode you want – Practice Mode (No LED) or Ready to Fire Mode – (LED lights at the shot), select your mode and shoot as many times as you like. You don’t need to turn the activation collar again until you want to switch modes.
  6. To turn off the LED, simply pull the nock straight back away from the silver collar (do not twist the nock as you pull) until you hear a click and the LED turns off. Easy Off.


All three nock adaptors are included in the package.


Caution: Contains a lithium battery. Do not disassemble or incinerate. Keep out of reach of children. Contact poison control if swallowed. Recycle or dispose of properly. Carefully inspect your arrow and nock prior to each shot. Remove and discard any nock or arrow if you see any crack, chip, or other damage, as damaged arrows or nocks could fracture causing damage to the bow or injury to the archer and/or bystanders.

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