Questions about Nock Out Lighted Nocks

1. Will NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks fit my _____________ arrows?

Answer: Fill in the blank with your arrow of choice and the answer is the same. Yes – well probably… The NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks are designed to fit the 5 popular arrow shaft sizes on the market, so unless your shaft is an unusual size, the NOCK OUT should fit. The package contains all of the bushings so you don’t need to worry about which package to buy. There is only ONE package.

Fit List:

Gmicro diameters with a .165 ID. You will need to use hot melt in the larger of the micro diameter shafts (such as Easton Injexions & Victory VAP).

X.204 ID use the smallest bushing

H.233 ID use the medium bushing

S/GT.244-.246 use the largest bushing. Gluing the nock into the bushing will provide a tighter fit for GT.

2. Are the batteries replaceable?

No, the battery is not replaceable. This was a design trade off with the “Easy Off” feature. This feature requires the battery/LED to be permanently glued in place and it cannot be removed and reinstalled by the end user.

3. How do I turn off the LED? Do I need a magnet or a tool?

Turning the LED off is EASY – That’s why we call it “Easy Off!” Holding the nock receiver firmly, simply pull the nock straight back until there is an audible click and the LED light turns off. DON’T NOT TWIST OR ROTATE THE NOCK WHEN PULLING.

4. Is there a trick to going from “Practice Mode” to “Active Mode?”

The good news is that once you master it – it is very easy. Keep in mind that the only portion of the nock that “turns” or “rotates” is the Silver Activation Collar. Never turn or rotate the nock, the nock remains indexed at installation. Rotate the collar to go from “Practice Mode” to “Ready to Fire Mode” and back.

Moving the collar from “Practice Mode” to “Ready to Fire Mode” is a smooth 45 degree counter-clockwise turn of the silver “Activation Collar” (not the nock). To put the unit back in “Practice Mode”, simply turn the collar back to its original position with the index tab on the collar and on the nock aligned.

5. It looks like the nock adds length to the arrow. How much length does it add and does it affect the POI?

The design of the NOCK OUT with universal fit requires part of the LED/battery to be outside the shaft which adds about 1/2” to the shaft. All of our testers have reported that there was no change to their Point Of Impact. Something to keep in mind, when you add length to your shaft, you weaken the spine, but when you add weight to the arrow, you strengthen the spine. We believe there is a balancing effect in play and that is why POI remains consistent.


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  • Avatar
    Michael Lantis

    Do you guys make nocks for Black Eagle Outlaws?

  • Avatar
    Michael Lantis

    Do you guys make nocks for Black Eagle Outlaws?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Yes, our universal fit bushing system (which comes in the package) allows you to size the nock to fit the Outlaw. You'll use the large bushing.

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    James lorencz

    Will they fit gold tip arrows

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