Installing Nock Outs into VAP and Injexion shafts

If you are attempting to fit the Nock Out into Victory VAP or Easton Injexion micro diameter shafts, you will notice that they are too loose and will not press fit into these shafts. This is because the inside diameter (ID) of these two shafts are larger than the rest of the micro diameter shafts on the market. All other micro diameter shafts have an ID of 0.165" and the Nock Out was designed to press fit into these shafts. The VAP and Injexion shafts have an ID of 0.1665" and will need to be secured to the shaft before the can be shot. Do Not attempt to shoot the Nock Out in these shafts without bonding them first. 

The Solution:

To fit the Nock Out into these two shafts, use Bohning Ferr-L-Tite or Easton Hot Melt adhesive to bond them securely in place.

We recommend wearing gloves while working with Hot Melt glue and heat. Hold a small nail with a pair of pliers, heat the nail just enough to melt the glue, spread the Hot Melt onto the OD of the knurled section of the black Nock Out receiver. Be careful not to touch the nail or the Hot Melt glue with bare hands. Then quickly index and install the Nock Out into the shaft. Wipe off any excess glue or residue with a rag and stand shaft with the nock up and allow it to cool.

To remove the Nock Out, simply hold the Nock Out under hot water until the glue becomes pliable and pull on the black nock receiver (not the nock) until it comes out.   

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