Installing the blades

Install the blades:

    1. Make sure that the metal washer between the housing and the broadhead body is centered and that housing (bottom part that screws into the shaft insert) is screwed on tight (just finger tight will do).
    2. Screw the Hollow Point Tip loosely onto the broadhead body or loosen if it is already installed.
    3. Slide the blade into the blade slots (bottom first) and lock the bottom of the blade under the metal washer. Then slide in the rest of the blade into the slot ending at the top.
    4. After all three blades are firmly in place, tighten the tip to secure the blades.

Do NOT over tighten the tip as this may cause the tip of the blade to break. It should be firm, but not too tight and there should be a small gap between the base of the tip and the neck of the broadhead—this is normal.

Note: Blades are extremely sharp; handle with extreme caution. Failure to use this product as directed may result in serious injury.


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