Adjusting the weight of the Hollow Point Broadheads?

Hollow Point Broadheads are weight adjustable from 100 to 125 grains. We manufacture two Hollow Point Tip sizes - Standard and Large (both tips are included in each package). The difference in grain weight between the two is 25 grains. With the standard tip the Hollow Point weighs 100 grains but swapping out for the large tip, you increase the weight of the head to 125 grains.

Hollow Point Broadheads are versatile. The tips are interchangeable. With the large tip, they weight 125 grains; with the standard tip, they weight 100 grains. You can also switch to the target tip when practicing to save a little wear and tear on your targets. All tips (hunting and target) fit any of our broadheads or points. Feel free to mix and match based on the type of shooting you’re are doing to the broadhead weight your trying to achieve.

All tips are sold individually in 2 packs on our Accessories page. 

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