Installing Nock Outs into Gold Tip shafts

You opened the pack of Nock Outs and are ready to install them into your standard sized Gold Tip (GT) arrow shafts. Using the large orange bushing that is included in each pack, you notice that the Nock Out seems a little too loose and is easy to remove from the bushing. This is because the standard sized GT shafts have a larger inside diameter (ID) than all of the other standard arrow shafts on the market. Most standard "S" sized shafts have an ID of 0.244", but the Gold Tip "GT" standard shaft ID is 0.246". If the Nock Out seems to loose in your GT shafts, Do Not shoot until you have made a fit adjustment. 

The Solutions:

Option 1. Place a small amount of instant adhesive on the knurled section of the black nock receiver, and quickly insert the Nock Out into the orange bushing. After the parts are bonded together, index the nock to the desired position and press fit the Nock Out with the large orange bushing into the GT shaft. 

Option 2. Prior to inserting the bushing into the shaft, place a plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) over the shaft opening and use a narrow object to push the plastic into the shaft. Then press the bushing into the shaft making sure that the plastic travels with the bushing and that the bushing doesn't simply poke through the plastic. Once the bushing is in place, install the nock according to the instructions. Tear away any remaining plastic.

After making the fit adjustment, test the bushing/nock combination to ensure a snug fit.


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