Nock Out hitting off center

The NOCK OUT Lighted Nock for crossbow should be hitting consistently with every shot. If you are noticing that it is off to the left or right it is likely because the nock is not installed properly.

Please review the installation instructions on the back of the package. It is very important that the nock is installed correctly so the index tab on the silver activation collar doesn't make contact with the rail. Incorrect installation will cause side to side inconsistency.

Here are the Installation instructions on the back of the package:

1. Press appropriate nock bushing into arrow shaft

2. With the cock vane down, ensure that the On/Off Tab is positioned at the 3 o'clock as viewed from the nock end of the shaft, press the nock receiver straight into the nock bushing

Once you make this adjustment, you should notice consistent flight. If this doesn't correct this issue, please use the Submit a Request button to contact a member of our Support Team.

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