The nock fit is loose

The following is related to using the nock with one of the bushings. If you are using the nock in a micro diameter shaft and it is loose, see the tip on "Installing nocks in VAP or Easton Injexion."

The nock/bushing combination should fit snug when inserted into the arrow shaft. Sometimes, the nock will seem loose when inserted into the bushing, but when the nock/bushing combo is inserted into the shaft, it is adequately snug - this has to do with the crush ribs and it is perfectly normal. 

To test for proper fit, insert the bushing into the shaft and then press the nock into the bushing. It should be snug. If you find that the fit is not snug, please use the Submit a Request button to let us know for further troubleshooting. 

In your request please include the following information:

1. The brand and name of the arrow shaft (ie: Black Eagle, Rampage)

2. Let us know which bushing you are using

3. Confirm that you have inserted the nock/bushing combo into the shaft and the nock still pulls out of the bushing too easily.

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